Friday, December 12, 2014

Encouraging Word (Which Seldom Is Heard)

I am in the process of finding a publisher for my historical novel for kids, A Kiss From Lafayette.
This is pretty much always an ego-deflating experience. Like all writers, I sit alone, make stuff up, and put it on the page (which these days is an electronic endeavor). It is impossible for me to determine whether what goes on the page is good or not.

As part of the search noted above, however, I was able to get a professional review of my manuscript done by Five Star Publications. I am happy to report that they seemed to like it!

Here is the Overall Evaluation section:

"Truly, Clara’s story is an uplifting read, combining the challenges of youth and family with real lessons in history that transcribe to important life lessons. Well researched, well written, and completely delightful, we believe A Buss From Lafayette has excellent potential for publication, distribution, and marketing. The story is clever, emotionally poignant, educational, and entertaining. It is also wholesome and historically significant. While elements of the story remind us of Sarah, Plain and Tall, A Buss From Lafayette is unique in its portrayal of a significant period in American history. Rare in our evaluation of manuscripts, Five Star Publications, Inc. gives this story five stars!" -Five Star Publications

 I have no idea what A Kiss From Lafayette's fate will be, but I did want to share this "Encouraging Word" about my newest story with the world.

I would like to officially say "thank you" to the reviewing team at Five Star Publications for their thoughtful and insightful evaluation!