Sunday, April 8, 2018


For more than twenty years, I have been reading (and writing) about General Lafayette's life, role in the American Revolution, and Farewell Tour of 1824-5. (In preparation for writing A BUSS FROM LAFAYETTE, of course.)

Up until now, I have never found any indication that any of my ancestors went to see him when he came through Massachusetts in 1924 or 1825. Most of my ancestors on my father's side lived near Worcester. Lafayette did make a stop there, so I figured some of them might have been around for that visit.

However, recently I was nosing around the internet looking for information regarding Lafayette's visit to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, in preparation for writing a play. Among the articles that turned up in my search was the following:

 Here are some snippets from that article:

But wait, wait, there's more!

When I read this, I remembered that one of my direct ancestors was named John Wesson Johnson, born in 1822.  Hmmm, I thought. I checked to see if I might therefore be related to this guy Silas Wesson.

The answer?? Yup, I am! 

John Wesson Johnson's mother was Jemima D. Wesson, born in 1794. She and her husband, John Johnson (the Johnsons don't seem to have been very imaginative about names), lived not far from Westborough, where the Wesson Tavern was. The Silas Wesson who owned this establishment was her father's younger brother.

I really, really hope that this means she and/or her husband or son, went to meet Lafayette that day. The son, John Wesson Johnson, was only a toddler at the time, but Lafayette did routinely kiss babies, so maybe I have a familial "buss" from Lafayette in my own family tree.

On the other hand, I can find no mention of this stop by Lafayette in any of the accounts I can find of his journey.

Also, if you read the whole article linked above, you will see some pooh poohing of the whole thing included there, as well.

I choose to believe it, just because I want to. I'll keep searching for proof of "disproof" and keep you posted.  

Wish me luck!

Proud Descendant of a Person who Possibly Met Lafayette