Monday, December 16, 2019

Psst! Want to know a few more things about the Izzy Elves??

Elf Invasion

I give up! I have run out of oomph to maintain two separate blogs, the one you are looking at now, and the one written by by my Izzy Elves. I've decided to let the Izzies do their writing on this blog.

In honor of that, I'm posting Elf stiuff, old and new, right here, starting today.


First of all, here is a video of me reading the opening of my first Izsy Elf story poem, Tizzy, the Chritmas Shelf Elf.

In recording this, I realized that the technology cited therein, video games in packages rather than downloaded, is terribly 20th century. I wrote this in the early 90s, when that was the way kids got hold of video games. (Do they even call them video games anymore??).

Oh, well, the principle is the same: two naughty brothers sneak downstairs far too early on Christmas morning and find a stranded elf in their living room. :  )

I had fun working in a few of the illustrations.

BTW, if you can't see this on your device, hre is a link to watch it on Vimeo:

Anyway, here's Tizzy.