Friday, June 12, 2015

A REAL Carriage that Carried Lafayette during his Triumphal Tour

A Buss From Lafayette takes place during the time that Lafayette, the last surviving general from our Revolutionary War, visited all twenty four of our states in 1824-5.  When General Lafayette visited New Hampshire in June, 1825, he rode in an open carriage called a barouche - the convertible of its day.  During his 13 month, 16,000 mile journey, however, he rode in many different kinds of vehicles.

On a recent visit to Williamsburg, Virginia, it was raining so hard that the 18th century costumes worn by the girls working there were soaked up to the knees!  However, we persevered, and at one point my husband discovered this "closed" carriage stored in the stable at the "Governor's Palace."

And look who rode in it!!

What a fun discovery this was!

If it hadn't been pouring rain, this carriage would probably have been out and about in Williamsburg, and we would never have seen this sign.  On the other hand, we might have been able to take a ride in the same carriage that Lafayette rode in.  Oh, well!

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