Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Deedy Dawdle Lives!

So I was trying to make a cool new cover picture featuring all my books to use on my various websites. Unfortunately, when I uploaded it, I found that the picture of me that always appears in the left hand corner covers up the current cover for The Riddle of Penncroft Farm.  Can't have that.

 Therefore, I decided to post it instead on both my blogs (this one and the one that the Izzy Elves write, see web address to the right).

No particular reason.

I know I said that this blog was only for my writing that does NOT include anyone with pointy ears.  I'm afraid that if you look closely at my new picture, you might just be able to see a few pointy ears.

Sorry about that.

Mostly I'm just messing around with pictures because I don't feel like working on A Scalp on the Moon today. Sometimes it is just plain necessary to procrastinate.

In fact, my late mother used to call me Deedy Dawdle.

Oh well. Nobody's perfect.


Dorothea (AKA Deedy Dawdle)

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