Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another Real Person in A BUSS FROM LAFAYETTE


Here's the reference to Dr. Samuel Flagg I found in Lord's Life and Times in Hopkinson, NH:

And here's what I wrote about Dr. Flagg in A Buss from Lafayette:

    I started to pick up my brother’s dinner plate, but Joss held onto it and filled it with another helping of salmagundi. “You’re just mad because last time Hetty was here, she threatened to fetch Dr. Flagg,” he said scornfully.
Dr. Flagg was a semi-itinerant, often rum- soaked, physician who sometimes treated people in Hopkinton—mostly when none of the other doctors were available. 

  “And you’re the one who told her that Dr. Flagg was ‘out to get’ redheaded children. Well, I am not actually a child anymore, Joseph Hargraves, and I no longer believe that Dr. Flagg is a bogeyman. Though the man certainly does not like my hair. He sniffs whenever he looks at me.”  
                              - A Buss from Lafayette, Copyright 2016 by Dorothea Jensen

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