Thursday, March 24, 2016

Celebrating a BIG Birthday with Lafayette et al!

So I recently celebrated a BIG birthday in New York City with two of my sisters, our husbands, and Lafayette.

Yup. Lafayette. Or at least an exhibit about him. It was at a very historical place in Manhattan that seemed like the perfect place for me to have a landmark-type birthday.

So, here I am with two of my sisters: one a college professor, actress, theater director, and co-founder of three theater companies, and the other a fantastic professional oboist who does NOT sound like a duck.

I'm the oldest and the shortest.

(My third sister is also in the arts: a national prize-winning song-writer and musician in Australia. She's the youngest and the tallest.)

Anyway, I made a little video about my wonderful birthday, which ended up with more in it from my books than Lafayette! 



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