Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some Pix of General Stores. . .

A store at Colonial Williamsburg. Notices pinned outside are like those Clara reads in this excerpt of A Buss from Lafayette.

I carefully tied Feather to the fence in front of the store. The notices tacked up outside caught my eye: a wrestling match at “the usual place,” a shooting contest at the Muster Field, and a horse auction at the Wiggins Tavern. - A Buss from Lafayette, Copyright 2016 by Dorothea Jensen

And here's the interior of a general store at Colonial Williamsburg.

The following excerpt describes what Clara sees in Towne's store in 1825. I'm sure there was a much wider variety of products for sale there than in colonial era stores, but otherwise the stores were very similar.

He [Storekeeper Towne] leaned over his counter, which was laden as always with large glass jars of pickles, candy, and other delicacies. Behind him, shelves reached to the ceiling, stuffed with items fascinating to the eye. On one wall, the lower spaces held large wooden barrels of brandy, rum, gin, wine, and molasses, with boxes of oranges, lemons, figs, spices, and sugar loaves on the shelves above. My eye was drawn to the other wall, however, where a rainbow of lace, silk, cotton, wool, linen, gingham, and calico occupied most of the shelves. On the very top level were more personal items: hairbrushes, mirrors, pomatums, patent medicines, and combs. My miracle- working lead comb was up there waiting for me. - A Buss from Lafayette, Copyright 2016 by Dorothea Jensen

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