Friday, March 11, 2016

Treasure Hunting at the HHS

We met yesterday with Heather and Nancy Jo of the Hopkinton Historical Society. The purpose of this visit was to search for pictures of the real people and places that show up in my new historical novel for kids, A Buss from Lafayette.

With Heather and Nancy Jo's help, we found lots of wonderful pictures and documents that they have given me permission to post online.  I will be putting these here on my blog, on Pinterest, on my websites, and maybe even on Twitter in the weeks to come.

One portrait they came up with was that of Jacob Weeks, one of the sons of Major William Weeks,  a former aide-de-camp of Washington and a prominent resident of our town. A fictional Weeks son, Richard - called Dickon - is a major character in my story.

We looked at the picture of this handsome young man and decided that the fictional Dickon would have looked like his handsome brother.  Only handsomer. With a slightly smaller nose.

 (I'd post this picture right here today, but I want to tell you more about Dickon before showing his "brother's" picture to you. Besides, Jacob has some rather peculiar sideburns and I don't want to put you off Dickon because of that.)

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