Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Audio Book in the Works!

After I read the opening of my story on the recent radio broadcast, I realized that I really enjoyed doing this. With the equipment advice of my professional sound and film editor son, "Hawk Jensen", I now have everything I need to do this myself.

I asked my publisher about this, and they gave me a green light! So exciting. The only down side is that in my experience, reading something aloud is the best way to stumble across bits that need to be fixed.  Oh well, I will try to contain my Editing Instinct and focus on my Dramatic Side.

It will probably take me most of the summer to accomplish this, then BQB Publishing will post it for sale on ACX and other audio book websites. I hope that teachers and parents will find this useful in the classroom and at home!

Must go "vocalize!" (How's THAT for pretentious???)



P.S. I have not yet figured out how to upload audio to this blog, but you would like to listen to the WEMF broadcast, it is on the front page of Click here!

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