Sunday, December 13, 2015

Izzies Post Second Christmas Countdown Verse!

 OK. I know that the Izzy Elves are supposed to stay on their on blog.  However, as you all know, it is That Most Wonderful Time of Year!

So from now until Christmas, I'll be sharing posts from the IzzyElfBlog.




 * * *


Christmas Eve Countdown: #2

You might have noticed that the first of our "advent" calendar poems we published yesterday was one day short of a regular advent calendar. That's because we Izzies are all about The Deadline, which for us is Christmas Eve. That is when we all stop working, help Santa load up the sleigh, and start celebrating.

This is not to say that we consider Christmas Day in any way unimportant!  No sirree! Christmas Day is what gives all of us our purpose in life.

Having said that, back to the Christmas Eve Countdown!  (Here's one about Blizzy!)

* * *

We are all quite amused to watch Blizzy the elf
Hang mistletoe bunches up all by herself.
And she's hung up so many that she cannot miss:
Her Tizzy will give her a mistletoe kiss!

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