Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wow! Can you believe it? Age and Experience Help!!

I spent a number of years as an actress/singer in Gilbert and Sullivan troupes in Philadelphia and Minneapolis, as well as in a baroque opera company called Ex Machina.  After I moved to rural New Hampshire, I did not have the chance to perform any longer, and have missed it terribly. (It still seems odd to think that none of my New Hampshire friends, whom I have known for 25 years, have ever really seen me on stage.)

The surprising thing is, that quite without planning to do so (as my husband recently pointed out) 21st century technology is allowing me to pull all of my past experience together. My acting “chops” have made it easy for me to record audiobooks of my stories and to create video blogs about my writing. My singing background means I am able to record and post songs online that appear in my stories. (I certainly never envisioned doing this when I wrote these books!) My unusual family life, both growing up and raising kids, has given me a skill at playing with words. This makes it relatively easy for me to make people smile, not only in my published writing, but also in my blogs, tweets, websites, Bublishing, etc. 

Frankly, I write to entertain myself, my family, and my friends and hope it entertains those who accidentally come across my stuff on the internet and on paper. I am continually amazed to find that this actually works!

I think that all of these “life skills” have helped me garner thousands of hits on my web “platform” – more than 60,000 so far! No mean feat for a grandmother who was born just after World War II!

I am so grateful to those of you who have helped me reach this number.  Thank you!


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