Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Cool New E-Tool! (Maybe)

So I kept seeing the word "embed" on various websites I maintain, but never knew what it meant, exactly.  So today I took a closer look at what it is, and I just MIGHT have figured out how to do it!

Let's see.  Here I am trying to embed one of my book "bubbles" - background information/inspiration insights about something in one of my publications.

Here goes. (Rats. It keeps disappearing every time I publish this post!  Aaargh.

Hmmm not sure that is doing what it is supposed to. I'll have to publish it to see if anyone can read it. (It's times like this that I feel every single decade of my age.)

Oh, I see.  You put your arrow thing inside the square and swoop down, then click on the triangle to open the text. Then do the same for the excerpt it refers to.

I don't know. Is this worth the effort??  Or should I just put in a good old-fashioned hyperlink. (I can't believe I just said that: seems oxmoronic somehow.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy this.

If it's too annoying to look at this way, please go to (wait for it. . . ) yes, this hyperlink.)



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